After many years of Black and White Fine Art printing on gelatin silver fiber based papers, since 2004 I have started specializing myself on Giclee and Piezograhy, i.e. digital inkjet printing with colour and carbon pigment inks on cotton rag fiber papers up to museum quality and longevity standards.

Owing to my previous involvement in shipping ventures throughout three decades, I have accumulated several thousand images of people and places around the world, although I am now more inclined towards documentary photography with some projects in the works, notwithstanding which I have also enjoyed taking fellow photographers from abroad to allow them discover the marvelous Argentine Northwest in and out of  the most known tourist trails.

I invite you to look into my galleries – which might be updated from time to time, hoping you will like them.

If you become interested in any of the pictures or particularly if you have any photographic idea as well as photo workshops and/or travel projects in mind on which I could assist please contact me without hesitation to discuss the possibilities.

Horacio Rosell


Technical background

– Special Darkroom Techniques - Juan Carlos Villarreal – Buenos Aires, 1980

– Zone System and Fine Art Printing – Diego Ortiz Mugica – Buens Aies, 1997/1998/1999

– Prague, Vienna, Salzburg – A discovery trip with Joe Englander, 2000

– Documentary Photography – Mary Ellen Mark – Oaxaca, Mexico, 2000

– Meetings with six Piezography Printers – Mexico D.F., Mexico, 2004

– B&W Digital Fine Print - George DeWolfe – Cone Editions – East Topsham, VT, USA - 2004

– Digital Printing – Clyde Butcher – Cone Editions – East Topsham, VT, USA - 2007

– Digital Printing – Tyler Boley – Cone Editions – East Topsham, VT, USA, 2007

– Printing & Publising Workshop – Brooks Jensen – LensWork Publishing - Anacortes, WA, USA, 2008


– Nikon F2AS – Nikon F3

– Leica M6 – Leica R4 – Leica R6.2 – Leica D-Lux 3 – Leica M8

– Hasselblad X-Pan

– Rolleiflex SL66SE

– Linhof Mark V 4x5" Field Camera


– LPL 4x5" Enlarger

– Epson 4000 Pro with Jon Cone's Piezography K7 carbon inks – QuadTone RIP

– Epson 9800 Pro with Epson Ultrachrome K3 pigment inks – ImagePrint ColorByte RIP

– Gretag Macbeth Eye-1 for calibrating and profiling

– Nikon Super Coolscan 8000 for film scanning

– Hahnemühle and Innova Cotton Rag printing papers

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